The British Piano Sonata, 1870-1945

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Dr Lisa Hardy studied music, mathematics and education at the University of Keele, and researched her PhD at Goldsmiths' College, University of London. She works as a freelance piano and flute teacher and accompanist in Northumberland.


Part 1 Introduction - the English musical Renaissance: Piano music in England in the early 19th century; the role of the piano in British musical life - the piano in the concert hall, the piano in the home; the dawn of a new era. Part 2 The piano sonatas 1870-90: William Sterndale Bennett; George Alexander Macfarren; Charles Hubert Hastings Parry; Charles Villiers Stanford; Ethel Smyth; Edward German. Part 3 The piano sonatas 1890-1910: Algernon Ashton; a comparison between the Royal Academy of Music and the Royal College of Music; John McEwen; William Yeates Hurlstone; Benjamin Dale; York Bowen; Dorothy Howell; Leo Livens; Cyril Scott. Part 4 Piano sonatas by Bax, Ireland, Baines, Bush and Britten: Arnold Bax; John Ireland; William Baines; Alan Bush; Benjamin Britten. Part 5 Piano sonatas by Sorabji and Bridge: Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji; Frank Bridge. Part 6 The African-American influence: African-American influences in Britain; Constant Lambert; Sir Michael Tippett. Part 7 Observations drawn from selected piano sonatas, 1930-45: Howard Ferguson; Malcolm Arnold; Antony Hopkins; Arnold Cooke; Lennox Berkeley. Part 8 Conclusions - interview transcriptions: Alan Bush, Geoffrey Bush, Howard Ferguson, Alan Frank, Antony Hopkins, Sir Michael Tippett; catalogue of piano sonatas, 1870-1945; discography - recordings of piano sonatas, other recording referred to in the text.


Dr LISA HARDY teaches music at Rochester Grammar School for Girls.
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