Technology, Learning, and Innovation: Experiences of Newly Industrializing Economies

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This volume provides a comparative picture of East Asian NIC's with Latin American counterparts.


Part I. A Broad Prospective on Innovation in Newly Industrializing Countries: 1. Introduction: technology and industrialization Linsu Kim and Richard R. Nelson; 2. Technological change and industrialization in the Asian NIEs Sanjaya Lall; 3. Research and development in the industrial development process Howard Pack; Commentary Bengt-Ake Lundvall; Part II. How Firms Learn: 4. Firm capabilities and economic development: implications for the NIEs David Teece and Bennett Zelner; 5. East vs. South East Asian innovation systems Michael Hobday; 6. Technological learning and entries of user firms for capital goods in Korea Kung Rae Lee; 7. International technologies and collaboration: implications for NIEs; Commentary Martin Fransman; Part III. Innovation Policies: 8. Policies for science, technology and innovation in Asian NIEs Mark Dodgson; 9. The role of science and technology in Korea's industrial development Won-Young Lee; Commentary Morris Teubal; Part IV. The Dynamics of Technological Learning During the First Period, and Recent Structural Changes in the Industrial Sector of Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico Linsu Kim; Commentary Howard Pack.
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