Legacy: A Step-By-Step Guide to Writing Personal History

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November 1997



Legacy: A Step-by-Step Guide to Writing Personal History is animated by the belief that every life has value and knowledge for others. A personal history is a gift to share. It can restore the connection between generations. What did another time feel like, what did you do to pass the time - or to survive - and how did you feel about your choices? The small joys, triumphs, and turning points in a life have special meaning when shared with those who know the writer and who themselves are trying to respond appropriately when life graces them with blessings or seems to come up against a brick wall. Through supportive coaching, stimulating questions, shared memories, and evocative photographs, the process of producing a personal history becomes intriguing and engaging. With Legacy the possibilities expand, and our present and future find nourishment and knowledge in the past.


Linda Spence writes and collects Legacy stories in Mill Valley, California, where she lives and works as a consultant.
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