Low-Carb Meals in Minutes Right Carbs Recipe Deck

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November 2004



Completing the Low-Carb Meals in Minutes recipe card deck series, the Right Carbs Recipe Deck covers the third segment of Linda Gassenheimer's popular low-carb program. A permanent well-balanced lifestyle is achieved to keep the weight off. Like Low-Carb Meals in Minutes Quick Start Recipe Deck, this deck contains 52 cards providing every meal of the day for a two-week regimen, with complete recipes, ingredients, directions, and nutritional information. Introductory cards describe the benefits of the Low-Carb Meals in Minutes program, with specific cards explaining what the Right Carbs Recipe Deck are designed to accomplish. Other reference cards include a list of staple ingredients to keep on hand; tips on quick snacks; a guide to portion sizes; and basic low-carb cooking hints. Best of all, each recipe card includes a shopping list of ingredients needed for each recipe.
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