Contemporary Economic Issues

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A guide to the experiences economic reform since the second world war, and system reform and economic integration across the world in the past decade. The first part of the book examines why only a small number of developing countries have succeeded in their modernization attempts this century. What lessons can be learnt from the successes of the East Asian NIEs and failures of other economies to emulate them? The very different experiences of the transition to market economies in the former socialist countries of Eastern Europe and China is the focus of the next section, with comparisons drawn with the Latin American reform experience, especially in Chile. The effects of economic integration schemes are examined in the final sector, with case-studies of Tunisia and Morocco's Free Trade Agreements with the EU, and of economic integration and the Arab-Israeli peace process.


Notes on the Contributors Introduction; J. Y. Lin PART I: REGIONS EXPERIENCE The Catching-up: Lessons of East Asian Development; W. Hong Japanese Economic Development: Idiosyncratic or Universal; T. Ito Factor Endowments and Policies in S. Asian Growth; A. Guha Tunisia's Economy since Independence: The Lessons of Experience; C. Morrisson and B. Talbi Economic Policy and Economic Development in Tunisia; H. Moussa PART II: SYSTEM REFORM Strategies of Transition - A Political Economy Approach; M. D'browski Welfare in Economic Transition; J.S. Flemming What Can We Learn from China's Economic Reform?; J.Y. Lin The Roles of Chinese Economists in the Economic Reform; F. Cai Economic Reform in Latin America: The Decade of Hope; V. Corbo PART III: ECONOMIC INTEGRATION Growth, the Maghreb and the European Union: Assessing the Impact of the Free Trade agreements on Tunisia and Morocco; J. Page and J. Underwood Economic Integration Among Participants in the Middle East Peace Process; H. Awartani and E. Kleiman Index


HISHEIM AWARTANI Professor of Economics, AN-najah National University and the Center for Palestine Research Studies, Nablus
FOUNG CAI Professor of Economics, Population Institute, China Academy of Social Sciences, Peking
VITOZIO CORBO Professor of Economics, Catholic University of Chile, Santiago, Chile.
MAZEH D'BROWSKI Professor of Economics, Center for Social and Economic Research, Warsaw, Poland
JOHN FLEMMING Warden of Wadham College, Oxford
ASHOK GUHA Professor of Economics, School of International Studies, Jawashailal Nehzu University, New Delhi
WONTACH HONG Professor of Economics, Seoul University, Soeul
TAKSTOSHI ITOH Professor of Economics, Institute of Economic, Hitotsubashi University, Tokyo
EPHTENIM KLEMAN Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
CHUNTRAN MORRISSON Professor of Economics, University of Paris-Sorbonne, Paris
HASSOUUA MOUSSA Professor of Economics, Hosei University, Japan and Acadia University, Canada
JOHN PAGE The World Bank
BECHU TALBI Professor of Economics, University of Tunis, Tunis
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