Sex Therapy for Men: Creating Casanova

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Februar 2008



Description Letitcia takes her years of experience and wittily puts them across in the form of a sexual guide of "dos and don'ts" for gents of all experiences, preferences and ages. Ideal for men who want to learn how to please their ladies or for women who want their men to learn, or equally for women who just want another opportunity to laugh at the ineptitude of men! About the Author About The Author Born in Norfolk and brought up as a Catholic, Letitcia, whose own family had a predisposition towards anxiety/depression, was determined not to live a life of quiet desperation. After a series of mind numbing jobs (including working for Her Majesty's Inspector of Taxes), she chose to live a life of joyful hedonism/debauchery and found being a global erotic service provider was the perfect lifestyle to stave off the blues. Letitcia lives in Brighton, where she is regarded as an icon, celebrity, and local hero, and is a well loved woman! She enjoys indecently young men, and heavy rock music!!

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