Cheap Bibles: Nineteenth-Century Publishing and the British and Foreign Bible Society

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Juni 2002



The story of the British and Foreign Bible Society - a publisher and Victorian social institution.


Preface; Sources and acknowledgments; 1. Saints in publishing; 2. A Bible translation, 1804-1840; 3. The BFBS and English printers, 1804-1864; 4. The BFBS and London bookbinders, 1811-1864; 5. The BFBS and bookselling, 1804-1864; 6. The transaction renewed, 1850s and 60s; Epilogue; Appendix; Select book list; Notes.


"Leslie Howsam's Cheap Bibles is by far the most impressive... Cheap Bibles is no less than a definitive study of the British and Foreign Bible Society from its founding in 1804 to the 1860s. This is a gleaming example of imaginative, critically-aware bibliography." The Wordsworth Circle "This carefully constructed and elegantly documented book is an impressive contribution to the general cultural history of Britain in the first two-thirds of the nineteenth century." History of Education Quarterly "This book is greatly to be welcomed and will prove to be of value not only to historians of publishing, but to all of those concerned with the history of early nineteenth-century Britain." The Library Quarterly "Howsam's book is an important resource to researchers in the social, cultural, printing, and publishing history of the period." Victorian Studies
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