The Lunacy of Modern Finance Theory and Regulation

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This provocative book provides insight into a finance industry that is run for the benefit of banks and service providers who rely on Beatles-era theories and regulation which are totally unsuited to the modern world.


1. Introduction 2. Chronic Failure of Finance Theory to Survive Contact with the Real World 3. Finance Industry's Inability to Manage Walls of Money 4. Risk! What Risk Can There Possibily Be? 5. Crooks, Scams and Biases 6. How Does Finance Really Work? 7. The Mixed Record of Finance Regulation 8. Is There a Better Basis for Corporations' Financial Regulation? 9. Conclusion


Les Coleman is a Senior Lecturer in Finance at the University of Melbourne. His main research interest is financial decision making by firms and funds, and he has published two research monographs (by Gower and Springer), four book chapters and nearly 30 journal articles. Les trained originally as an engineer, and spent over 20 years in senior management positions with Anglo American and ExxonMobil Corporations in Australia and overseas. More recently Les completed a PhD in Management at the University of Melbourne where his thesis was published as Why Managers and Companies Take Risks (Springer, 2006). Outside the University, Les has part time appointments with two investment managers. He has been a trustee of two superannuation funds, and a director of ten companies involved in finance, retail and distribution. He has written and spoken widely on finance and investment strategies, and for four years was a weekly columnist with The Australian newspaper.
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