Optical Angular Momentum

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In many respects, orbital and spin angular momentum behave similarly, but the orbital variety offers exciting possibilities with respect to the optical manipulation of matter and in the study of the photon entanglement. Bringing together 44 landmark papers, Optical Angular Momentum offers the first comprehensive overview of the subject as it has developed. It chronicles the first decade of this important subject and gives a definitive statement of the current status of all aspects of optical angular momentum. In each chapter the editors include a concise introduction that puts the selected papers into context and outlines the key articles.


Introduction Spin and Orbital Angular Momentum Laboratory Beams Carrying Orbital Angular Momentum Optical Forces and Torques on Particles Optical Forces and Torques on Atoms Rotational Frequency Shifts Angular Momentum in Nonlinear Optics Entanglement of Angular Momentum


"A very useful and comprehensive collection of articles - and timely in a year when there at least four international meetings featuring optical angular momentum." - Michael Berry "The papers appear to be well chosen and well reproduced. I think that it will be appreciatively received." -Carlos Stroud "I am very pleased to receive this book, which will be very useful for everyone working in the growing research field of optical angular momentum. The selection of papers is very good and the production is superb, including the truly wonderful cover!" - Professor Loudon "This book serves as a reference for engineers and scientists, bringing together the current status of all aspects of optical angular momentum...I highly recommend this book for people who work in modern optics research, as well as those who are simply interested in the field. The selected landmark papers cover the full spectrum of important topics related to optical angular momentum." - Optics & Photonics News, May 2005
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