Aboriginal Australia

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Juli 2008



Uluru, Stolen Generation and Reconciliation are key words that spring to mind when talking about Aboriginal Australia.
White supremacy led to the almost extinction of a rich and unique culture. This book is an attempt to illustrate the diversity of this often underestimated people. At the time of European arrival Aboriginal Australians spoke approximately two to three hundred different languages; they had a strong connection to their land and ancestors and their religious believes did not relate to any known form of faith. Within a few decades however their population was reduced drastically and their traditions faced extinction. Today efforts are made to bring back and preserve what this exceptional culture has to offer.
Discover some parts of this unique civilisation and its history. This book aims at students and everyone who is interested in finding out more about an ancient almost forgotten people and ways to prevent their extinction.


Leonora Franzke,
Graduate Translator for English, French and Swedish, Universität Mainz FASK and Université Lyon 2, IT Co-ordination, UBS Sydney/Australia
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Untertitel: The Struggle for the Survival of an Ancient Culture. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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