Vacuum Technique

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Vacuum Technique presents a comprehensive treatment of vacuum technology. It gives an overview of low-pressure gases and discusses the theory of vacuum technology and mathematical modeling of gas transfer in vacuum systems. The author presents explanations of specific problems in favor of describing different vacuum elements, including the computer-aided synthesis and analysis of vacuum systems. The book includes different design methods and presents the structure and characteristics of vacuum systems for low, middle, high and superhigh vacuums. It also discusses the characteristics of materials, joints, movement inputs, and all aspects of production technology and construction standards.


INTRODUCTION The Concept of Vacuum History of Vacuum Engineering Applications of Vacuum instruments PROPERTIES OF GASES AT LOW PRESSURES Gas Pressure Velocity Distribution of Gas Molecules Mean Free Path Length Interaction of Gas Molecules With Surfaces Adsorption Time Saturation Pressure Surface Coverage With Gas Molecules Gas Dissolution in Solids Electrical Phenomena Test Questions THEORY Degrees of Vacuum Transport Phenomena Thermal Equilibrium of Pressures Calculation of Gas Flow by the Method of Continuum mechanics Calculation of Gas Flow Using the Method of Integral Angular Coefficients Modeling of Gas Flow Gas Evolution Basic Equation Test Questions MEASUREMENT OF VACUUM Classification of Measurement Methods Mechanical Methods Thermal Methods Electrical Methods of Total Pressure Measurement Electrical Methods of Measuring Partial Pressure Sorption Methods Calibration of Transducers Measurement of Gas Flows Leak Detection Methods Test Questions MECHANICAL METHODS OF VACUUM PRODUCTION General Characteristic of Vacuum Pumps Volume Pumping Design of Displacement Pumps Molecular Pumping Design of Molecular Pumps Vapor Jet Pumping Working Liquids Design of Vapor Jet Pumps Traps Test Questions PHYSICO-CHEMICAL METHODS OF VACUUM PRODUCTION General Ion Pumping Chemisorption Pumping Evaporation Pumps Cryocondensation Pumping Cryoadsorption Pumping Cryogenic Pumps Getter-Ion Pumping Getter-Ion Pumps Test Questions ANALYSIS OF THE VACUUM SYSTEMS Typical Vacuum Systems Calculation of Gas Load Equations of Steady-State Pumping Connections of System Elements and Pumped Objects Connection of Pumps Time of Pumping Cost of Pumping Verifying Calculation of a Vacuum System An Example of Verifying Calculation Test Questions DESIGN OF VACUUM SYSTEMS Database of Vacuum System Elements Structural Design of Vacuum Systems Using the Method of Selecting Variants Structural Design Using Typical Pattern Parametric Design of a Vacuum System Using the Utilization Coefficient of Vacuum Pump Multiparametric Design of a Vacuum System Schematic Connections and Assembly Projecting Calculation of a Vacuum System Example of Projecting Calculation of a Vacuum System in Steady-State Mode Test Questions CONSTRUCTION OF VACUUM SYSTEMS Materials of Vacuum Engineering Non-Detachable Connections Detachable Vacuum Connections Vacuum Pipelines Devices for Transmitting Movement to Vacuum Electrical Vacuum Contacts Vacuum Valves Test Questions PROBLEMS Properties of Gases at Low Temperatures Theory of Vacuum Engineering Calculation of Vacuum Systems REFERENCE TABLES APPENDIX Derivation of the Maxwell-Boltzmann Function Average Velocity The Equation of Polymolecular Adsorption The Equation of Gas Flow Through an Aperture in Viscous Flow Mode REFERENCES INDEX


Professor L N Rozanov is Head of the Department of Information Machinery Technology of St Petersburg Technical University. His research interests include adsorption pumps, leak detection and computer-aided design of vacum systems.
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