How We Learn; How We Remember: Toward an Understanding of Brain and Neural Systems - Selected Papers of Leon N Cooper

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September 1995



This volume gives a coherent presentation of the line of research that has led to the present investigations of the biological basis for learning and memory storage and the information processing and classification properties of neural systems. It should be of interest to researchers and students working on neural systems, as well as those who are involved in the quest for an understanding of the brain.


Some Properties of a Neural Model for Memory; A Possible Organization of Animal Memory and Learning; A Theory for the Acquisition and Loss of Neuron Specificity in Visual Cortex; On the Development of Neuron Selectivity: Orientation Specificity and Binocular Interaction in Visual Cortex; Mean Field Theory of a Neural Network; Local and Global Factors in Learning; Synaptic Plasticity in Visual Cortex: Comparison of Theory with Experiment; Objective Function Formulation of the BCM Theory of Visual Cortical Plasiticity: Statistical Connections, Stability Conditions; Theory of Synaptic Plasticity in Visual Cortex; An Overview of Neural Networks: Early Models to Real World Systems; Learning from What's Been Learned: Supervised Learning in Multi-Neural Network Systems. (Part contents).
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