Riding the Waves

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The life and work of Renaissance man Leo Beranek: scientist, professor, engineer, busisess leader, inventor, entrepreneur, musician, television executive, philanthropist, and author.


Leo Beranek is a pioneer in acoustical research, known for his work in noise control and the acoustics of concert halls, and the author of twelve books on these topics. The many awards he has received include the Presidential National Medal of Science, presented in 2003.


"Beranek's account of his truly remarkable life is a superbly written and concise autobiography that tells a great story." Philip Nelson Times Higher Education Supplement "A fascinating glimpse into a time unique in American industrial history... It is the spirit of Leo Beranek that shines throughout this book -- a spirit of confidence, open-mindedness, and intellectual adventure." Roger Zimmerman IEEE Spectrum "It must be said that anyone who is interested in the history of America and its 'waves,' whether acoustical or broadcast, will find in this book a wealth of detail and anecdotes worth reading and will meet an author who is as unpresuming and honest as can possibly be expected." Stefaan Van Ryssen Leonardo
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