Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder: Reactions and Role of the Psychiatric Team

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August 2002



"Dangerous and Severe Personality Disorder" is based on unique research study conducted in the three English high security hospitals - Ashworth, Rampton and Broadmoor. Through in-depth analysis of an extensive questionnaire survey followed by personal interviews, Len Bowers shows how positive or negative attitudes to PD patients arise and are maintained over time, as well as discusses what impact they have upon nurses and the care they provide to patients, and draws some practical conclusions.


1. 'Welcome to the World of PD' 2. 'Special Hospital Country' 3. Trials and Tribulations 4. Staying Positive 5. A Supportive Organisation and Team 6. Effects and Impacts 7. Us and Them


'This is a humane and sensible analysis of this complex and contested territory, and an account of forensic nursing practice that is a powerful antidote to some of the more damning critical press of recent years.' - Mick Mckeown, Mental Health Today
'Bowers presents passionate and challenging observations made in the style of his earlier work, and provokes readers to look within themselves to reveal a deeper understanding of some of the issues raised.' - Mental Health Practice
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