Advances in International Comparative Management: 1996

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This series summarizes current thinking in the field of comparative management. The series is intended to make an academic contribution through focused essays, presenting material in a fashion suitable for both scholars and advanced students.


Comparing performance management practices in the United States and Pacific Rim, Paul R. Bernthal; Acquisition and adaptation of Japanese manufacturing strategies in the United States auto firms, Marca Marie Bear, Riad A. Ajami; An examination of cross-cultural quality management practices in American and Asian firms, Burham F. Yavas, George A. Marcoulides; Is Tom a global paradigm? S. Benjamin Prasad, David A. Sprague; Manufacturing strategies of smaller firms in two national settings, Shanthakumar Palaniswani. S. Benjamin Prasad; Phasing and focusing on research: accelerating along the path of the learning curve, Ada Demb; The effects of board control and compensation mix on strategic orientation, Harry G. Barkema; Corporate board orientation: the Swedish context, Karin Jonnergard et al; Japanese governance systems: a critical review, Hicheon Kim, Robert E. Hoskisson; International governance research: a review and an agenda for future research, Brain K. Boyd et al; Effects of ownership types on environment-strategy configuration in China's emerging transitional economy, J. Justin Tan, Mingfang Li; Corporate social performance: an international perspective, Devi Gnyawali.
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