Molecular Epidemiology of Infectious Diseases: Principles and Practices

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Mai 2004



- The first introductory textbook in the exciting new field of molecular epidemiology
- Features a glossary of standard terminology bridging the fields of epidemiology and molecular biology
- Provides background on principles and practices of epidemiology which solve infectious disease challenges using new molecular biology tools
- Illustrates various principles of epidemiology with specific examples of investigations of bacterial infectious diseases
- Written in a way that can be understood by clinicians, epidemiologists, and molecular biologists alike.


Table of Contents Chapter 1. Principles and Approaches Chapter 2. Laboratory Methods Used for Strain Typing of Pathogens: Conventional and Molecular Techniques Chapter 3. Laboratory Methods Used for Strain Typing of Pathogens: PCR-Based Strain-Typing Methods Chapter 4. Analysis of Similarity and Relatedness in Molecular Epidemiology Chapter 5. Distinguishing between Epidemic and Endemic Occurrences of Infectious Diseases Chapter 6. Stratification and Refinement of Data in Epidemiologic Investigations Chapter 7. Distinguishing Pathovars from Nonpathovars: Escherichia coli Chapter 8. Distinguishing Pathovars from Nonpathovars: Streptococcus pneumoniae Chapter 9. Distinguishing Pathovars from Nonpathovars: Helicobacter pylori Chapter 10. Hospital Infections: Staphylococcus aureus Chapter 11. Hospital Infections: Gram-Negative Bacteria Chapter 12. Identifying a Pathogen's Biological Determinants of Disease Transmission Glossary Annotated Websites of Databases Useful for Molecular Epidemiologic Investigations
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