Artificial Immune Systems: A New Computational Intelligence Approach

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September 2002



Artificial Immune Systems (AIS) are adaptive systems inspired by the biological immune system and applied to problem solving. This book provides an accessible introduction that will be suitable for anyone who is beginning to study or work in this area. It gives a clear definition of an AIS, sets out the foundations of the topic (including basic algorithms), and analyses how the immune system relates to other biological systems and processes. No prior knowledge of immunology is needed - all the essential background information is covered in the introductory chapters.
Key features of the book include:
- A discussion of AIS in the context of Computational Intelligence;
- Case studies in Autonomous Navigation, Computer Network Security, Job-Shop Scheduling and Data Analysis =B7 An extensive survey of applications;
- A framework to help the reader design and understand AIS;
- A web site with additional resources including pseudocodes for immune algorithms, and links to related sites.
Written primarily for final year undergraduate and postgraduate students studying Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary and Biologically Inspired Computing, this book will also be of interest to industrial and academic researchers working in related areas.


From the contents: Introduction - Fundamentals of the Immune System - A Framework for Engineering Artificial Immune Systems - A Survey of Artificial Immune Systems - The Immune System in Context with Other Biological Systems - AIS in Context with Other Computational Intelligence Paradigms - Case Studies - Conclusions and Future Trends - References - Appendix I: Glossary of Biological Terms - Appendix II: Pseudocode for Immune Algorithms - Appendix III: WEB Resources on Artificial Immune Systems. Index.


From the reviews:
"This book reminds me a situation about 20 years ago, when the renaissance of an artificial neural net (ANN) had started. ... I consider this book to be very recommendable for reading to everybody who is interested in progressive aspects of artificial intelligence and information technologies." (M. Novák, Neural Network World, Vol. 13 (4), 2003)
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