Ethical Marxism and its Radical Critics

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September 1998



Ethical Marxism and its Radical Critics argues that Marx's conception of human essence is the foundation for an ethic of liberation which permeates his social theory. It testifies to his significant debt to Greek philosophy and culture. Wilde examines how his humanistic ethic was developed by Marcuse and Fromm, and how it has been rejected by Habermas and Gorz. He also explores reservations expressed from feminist and ecological standpoints. The book has been revised in the light of these criticisms, and offers insights into how progress may be made towards a socialist ethical community.


Acknowledgements Introduction: Marx, Ethics, and Ethical Marxism The Essentialist Marx Ethics, Justice, Freedom Affluent Alienation and its Contestation Against Productivism: Habermas and Groz Feminism and Marx's Humanism Mastering Nature Ethics and Politics Index


LAWRENCE WILDE is Reader in Political Theory in the Department of Economics and Politics at The Nottingham Trent University, where he has taught since 1979. He is author of Marx and Contradiction (Aldershot and Brookfield USA: Avebury, 1989) and Modern European Socialism (Aldershot and Brookfield USA: Dartmouth, 1994) and co-editor with Mark Cowling of Approaches to Marx (Milton Keynes and Philadelphia: Open University Press, 1989).


`A very successful attempt to rescue an ethical democratic Marx and to compare and contrast this with recent post-Marxist trends. There is a succinct and concise exposition of Marx's early humanism. This political ethic is defended against representative examples of Marx's radical critics by showing it to be compatible with elements of the Frankfurt school, influential analyses of post-industrial society, green approaches and feminism.' - David McLellan, Professor of Political Theory, University of Kent§§'...belongs on the reading list of any course dealing with the theory and practice of politics, to give to the next generation a sense of the power of Marx's political thinking.' - Ian Forbes, History of Political Thought§

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