Seeds of Hate: How America's Flawed Middle East Policy Ignited the Jihad

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Dezember 2003



CBS journalist traces roots of current 'terror' to America's involvement in Lebanon in the 1980s. 'One of the most perceptive accounts of the nightmare in Lebanon.' The Washington Post


Preface Introduction 1. The Lebanese Jigsaw 2. West Beirut: A City in Chaos 3. East Beirut: Shelling & Champagne 4. Combatants 5. The Slippery Slope 6. Under Fire 7. A Village in Revolt 8. Choosing Sides 9. Victims of War 10. The Seeds Sprout 11. Spillover 12. Taking the Hint 13. Jihad 14. The Unfinished Kitchen 15. A Hasty Retreat 16. Hostage 17. Metamorphosis 18. Inspiration 19. Beirut, Bali & Beyond Index


Lawrence Pintak is a veteran foreign correspondent who has reported from more than 40 countries. As CBS News Middle East correspondent in the 1980s, he covered the birth of modern Islamic terrorism in Beirut. He writes frequently on terrorism, the Middle East and Southeast Asia for a variety of publications.


'One of the most perceptive accounts of the nightmare in Lebanon' The Washington Post (reviewing Beirut Outtakes)
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