Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems

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This textbook presents a systematic study of the qualitative and geometric theory of nonlinear differential equations and dynamical systems. Although the main topic of the book is the local and global behavior of nonlinear systems and their bifurcations, a thorough treatment of linear systems is given at the beginning of the text. All the material necessary for a clear understanding of the qualitative behavior of dynamical systems is contained in this textbook, including an outline of the proof and examples illustrating the proof of the Hartman-Grobman theorem. In addition to minor corrections and updates throughout, this new edition includes materials on higher order Melnikov theory and the bifurcation of limit cycles for planar systems of differential equations.


Series Preface * Preface to the Third Edition * 1 Linear Systems * 2 Nonlinear Systems: Local Theory * 3 Nonlinear Systems: Global Theory * 4 Nonlinear Systems: Bifurcation Theory * References * Index


Reviews from the first edition:
"...The text succeeds admiraby ... Examples abound, figures are used to advantage, and a reasonable balance is maintained between what is proved in detail and what is asserted with supporting references ... Each section closes with a set of problems, many of which are quite interesting and round out the text material ... this book is to be highly recommended both for use as a text, and for professionals in other fields wanting to gain insight into modern aspects of the geometric theory of continuous (i.e., not discrete) dynamical systems." MATHEMATICAL REVIEWS
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