Dynasties and Interludes: Past and Present in Canadian Electoral Politics

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A comprehensive and unique overview of elections and voting in Canada from Confederation to the recent spate of minority governments, this book examines changes in the composition of the electorate, as well as the technology and professionalization of election campaigns.


Lawrence LeDuc is a political science professor at the University of Toronto and is co-author (with Jon H. Pammett) of "Absent Mandate: Political Choice in Canada."Jon H. Pammett is a political science professor at Ottawa's Carleton University and is the co-editor of several studies of Canadian elections, including, most recently, "The Canadian Federal Election of 2008."Judith I. McKenzie is a political science associate professor at the University of Guelph and is the author of "Environmental Politics in Canada: Managing the Commons into the 21st Century."AndrA(c) Turcotte is an assistant professor in communication at Carleton University and was a contributor to "The Canadian General Election of 2006."


"The book is full of sensible accounts of past elections and includes a treasure-trove of more than 100 figures and tables which are truly illuminating. Pack this for the campaign trail." -- Inside Queen's Park (Ontario Legislature newsletter), 20110401
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