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Juni 2002



Asks what is meant by complexity and how it might be handled within knowledge practices without generating a chaos of further complexities.


1. Complexities: an Introduction - Annemarie Mol (Twente University) & John Law (Lancaster University) 2. Romantic and Baroque Conceptions of Complex Wholes in the Sciences - Chunglin Kwa (University of Amsterdam) 3. Which Road to Follow? The Moral Complexity of an 'Equipped' Humanity - Laurent Thevenot (CNRS, Paris) 4. On Space and Depth - Marilyn Strathern (Cambridge University) 5. On Hidden Heterogeneities: Complexity, Formalism and Aircraft Design - John Law (Lancaster University) 6. In the Middle of the Network - Andrew Barry (Goldsmiths' College, University of London) 7. Where Elephants Stand for Competing Philosophies of Nature: Amboseli National Park, Kenya - Charis Thompson (Harvard University) 8. Writing and (Re)writing Devices as Tools for Managing Complexity - Michel Callon (Ecole des Mines de Paris) 9. Cutting Surgeons, Walking Patients: Some Complexities Involved in Comparing - Annemarie Mol (Twente University) 10. The Disposal of Fear: Childhood, Trauma and Complexity - Nick Lee & Steven D. Brown (Loughborough University


John Law is Professor of Sociology and Director of the Centre for Science Studies at Lancaster University in England.Annemarie Mol is Professor of Political Philosophy at Twente University in the Netherlands.


“Extremely timely, important, and well-defined, this book is precisely on target in focusing on heterogeneous studies that treat knowledge as local. The types of science and technology discussed are diverse and well-balanced.”—David Stump, coeditor of "The Disunity of Science: Boundaries, Contests, and Power"
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