In Defense of Pure Reason: A Rationalist Account of a Priori Justification

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November 2004



This book is concerned with the alleged capacity of the human mind to arrive at beliefs and knowledge about the world on the basis of pure reason without any dependence on sensory experience. Most recent philosophers reject the view and argue that all substantive knowledge must be sensory in origin. Laurence BonJour provocatively reopens the debate by presenting the most comprehensive exposition and defense of the rationalist view that a priori insight is a genuine basis for knowledge.


1. Introduction: the problem of a priori justification; 2. In search of moderate empiricism; 3. Quine and radical empiricism; 4. A moderate rationalism; 5. Epistemological objections to rationalism; 6. Metaphysical objections to rationalism; 7. The justification of induction; Appendix: non-Euclidean geometry and relativity.


'Although he has been thinking and writing about these issues for many years, the publication of his book is a part of a widespread resurgence of interest in rationalist ideas, from the foundations of logic, through epistemology to moral philosophy, and anyone interested in either the rationalism or the resurgence will need to read In Defense of Pure Reason.' Times Literary Supplement
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