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April 2008



Here is the intriguing story of one of the world's most admired and enduring motorcycle companies, and how their fortunes were molded by a determination to win races.


Dreams of flight crash to the ground; Off to the great road races of Europe, and to Europes great off-road races; The rise of the Kompressor, the fall of records; War clouds loom; Rebuilding after the war; A little (actually, quite a lot) on the side; The passion endures; Butler & Smith go racing; Lost and found, in the desert; Special series and spec racing; Onward and upward.


Laurel C. Allen grew up in the road race paddocks of North America, the daughter of a two-time Canadian national champion and twenty-five-year fixture on the AMA road race scene. Raised in the shadow of road race legends and alongside many of the fastest competitors racing today, it's no surprise Allen eventually sought her own place in the industry, starting out at Cycle News and ending up -- thirteen years later -- Senior Editor of Road Racer X magazine. She is currently at work on a second racing-related Whitehorse Press project.Mark Gardiner was an ad agency creative director and amateur motorcycle racer for 15 years. In 2002, he quit his job, sold all his possessions, and moved to the Isle of Man to race in the TT. Since then, as a motojournalist, his work has appeared in Bike, Classic Bike, Performance Bikes, Cycle Canada, Road Racer X, Cycle World, and a Swedish magazine with a name that simply cannot be pronounced at all in English. He is the author of the memoir Riding Man.
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