Surgical Innovation

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During the course of clinical practice, physicians and surgeons may deviate from standard therapies and techniques, in the hope of providing the best care for their patient. This new approach may not fit the definition of current standard care; but its goals (individual patient care) and its conduct (without the indicia of a randomized clinical trial) may also not quite fit the model of research. With the sharing of information about these innovative experiences, the ability to classify novel approaches may become challenging. As it is not always clear whether clinical and/or research policies should apply to innovative practice, how to manage innovative practice poses ethical, legal, monetary, and practical challenges. While the practice of medicine may be influence by a multitude of factors, including concerns about liability, the policies of hospitals, regulatory agency guidance or regulations, the policies of journals, or the counsel of colleagues; but in the end, the true interaction is still that of a physicians and his or patient. The decision-making, from a philosophical vantage point, should concentrate on the patient and their treatment.


Laura J. Campbell has over twenty-five years experience in medical research, including human subjects, animal, and bench research. She has developed technology transfer and intellectual property. Her education includes biology, chemistry, and health law. She resides in Houston, Texas with her husband, Patrick, and their children, Alex and Samantha.
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