The Greenwood Encyclopedia of Children's Issues Worldwide [6 Volumes]

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Dezember 2007



The idea of children's rights as codified by the UN has done much to expand our understanding of what is needed for healthy growth and development of children and youth. This book covers topics including: education, laws and legal status, play and recreation, religious life, child labor, child abuse and neglect, family, and health.


IRVING EPSTEIN is Professor of Educational Studies, Illinois Wesleyan University. ELEONORA VILLEGAS-REIMERS is Acting Dean of Child and Family Studies, Wheelock College, Boston. LESLIE J. LIMAGE is part of the Educational Policy and Strategies Division, Education Sector, UNESCO, Paris. SHERYL LUTJENS is Professor of Political Science, Northern Arizona University. JYOTSNA PATTNAIK is Professor of Early Childhood Education, California State University, Long Beach. LAURA ARNTSON is Strategic Information Advisor with The U.S. President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, USAID/Nigeria. GHADA HASHEM TALHAMI is D. K. Pearsons Professor of Politics at Lake Forest College.


"Hundreds of international scholars from diverse disciplines and six volume editors contribute to the signed entries of this original and up-to-date encyclopedia that explores the issues that children face worldwide. This set advances the multidisciplinary field of children's studies, bringing together a wide range of research with special focus on the ideas of children's rights codified by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. . . . An extraordinary consistent writing style is maintained across all volumes as each entry places the issues not only within a larger social and cultural context, but also within a historical context. Extensive resource lists including citations for books, videos, Web sites, and organizations conclude each entry. In addition, maps, a variety of tables, and a comprehensive index are included. Although this set offers a broad range of information in concentrated form, its heavy focus on statistical information provide by the United Nations and other international bodies makes it a great resource both for ready reference and for those seeking broad research overviews. It will interest those involved in any discipline that focuses on children's lives. Highly recommended. Lower-level undergraduates through faculty/researchers." - Choice
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