Brand communication in mid-size B2B companies

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Juni 2016



Brand communication is often considered to be a marketing discipline mostly applicable to B2C business. However, B2B products and services are also becoming ever more homogenous and companies have to find ways of differentiating themselves. This can be difficult enough for large corporations with extensive resources. Mid-size companies however face a whole different set of challenges. Furthermore, brand communication in mid-size B2B companies is a subject that has not found much attention in academic studies and so little information about brand communication within the parameters of mid-size companies and B2B markets exists. That is why the goal of this work is to give an overview of the relevance, difficulty and the necessity of brand communication in mid-size B2B companies.


Laura Anderson holds a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from Philadelphia University and a Master of Arts in Brand Management from the University of Applied Sciences Pforzheim. She works in strategic brand management and design. This work is based on her master thesis.
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Untertitel: an overview of business to business brand communication with expert interviews in Germany. Paperback. Sprache: Englisch.
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