Library Performance and Service Competition: Developing Strategic Responses

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April 2008



Describes how the library can identify the service environment factors impacting customers' strategic needs; identify library competitors' strategic abilities and service environment impacts; and use the combined results to develop proactive competitive responses that drive the service environment instead of reacting to the service environment.


How long have we been counting things? A concise overview of library service performance assessment; Current status of performance assessment and its use for creating competitive responses; challenges to using library service performance information to make strategic decisions; and identifying your service environment impacts; Who wants my job? A concise overview of current library service competition; Current status and issues of the competition libraries experience in their service environments; challenges to obtaining competitor's information to make strategic decisions; and identifying your competitor's service environment impacts.; Know Things First: identifying strategic needs and abilities; How to identify library customers' needs; what to know about your library and its customers in terms of addressing competition; what do you know about your customers and what they know about you, your competitors, and their needs; how to connect and use this information.; 'Knowns' are really verbs: using the 'knowns' to develop and implement strategic responses for greater community impact; Using the 'Knowns' to innovate the library in terms of developing new service delivery and products, staffing and PR efforts, technology, aligning strategic responses, and accountability; Improving performance impact; How to improve and expand the library's performance impact on the community and service environment through access, alignment, and accountability in the performance/competitive process.; Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Strategic responses are an ongoing process; How to maintain the competitive strategic response process; who is involved and what happens; when is the process repeated and why it is important to repeat it.


Dr Larry Nash White is an Assistant Professor at East Carolina University Department of Library Science and Instructional Technology. Prior to that, Dr White worked as an administrator in retail management and public and academic libraries. He is an internationally invited speaker and presenter on library performance, leadership, assessment, and competition for service and consults with libraries and non-profit organizations. He has published in the area of performance assessment, competitive response, and financial management of libraries.
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