From Convent to Concert Hall: A Guide to Women Composers

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Oktober 2003



In the world of musical composition, men have long overshadowed women. But as the prominence of women composers increases, so does interest in their lives and works. This is the first substantive biographical reference book geared toward the student or nonspecialist, featuring information on nearly 200 women composers of the Western music tradition from the 9th century to the 21st.


Introduction by Sylvia Glickman - The Middle Ages and the Renaissance by Martha Furman Schleifer - The 17th Century by Barbara Garvey Jackson - The 18th Century by Valerie Goertzen - The 19th Century by E. Douglas Bomberger - The 20th Century by Adeline Mueller - Appendix A: A Chronological List of Women Composers - Appendix B: A Geographical List of Women Composers - Appendix C: Suggested Syllabi for Courses on Women Composers or Women and Music - Glossary - General Bibliography - Index.


SYLVIA GLICKMAN, a New York musician, is the president of the Hildegard Institute, devoted to research and performance of the music of women composers. MARTHA FURMAN SCHLEIFER is a member of the music history faculty at Temple University and is Senior Editor of Hildegard Publishing Company.


"Since recent years have seen an increase in the amount of scholarship devoted to this subject, there is a need for reference material to support the resulting courses of study. This carefully orchestrated work can play more than one part: it is both reference book, packed with a number of useful features; and textbook, even including a "Suggested Syllabus for a Fifteen-Week Semester with Three Class Hours per Week..,."With its thoughtful organization, cleary written and carefully researched text, and numerous special features, this will be a welcome addition to any academic or large public library music reference collection."-Booklist/Reference Books Bulletin
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