Television Drama Series Programming: A Comprehensive Chronicle

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Juni 1992



For more than a decade, Gianakos' comprehensive chronicles of American television dramatic programming have been considered classic references. Following a descriptive and critical review for each period, an exhaustive Days and Times section includes detailed listings for all dramatic specials. Program sections for all seasons provide writer and director credits. This is the first volume of the 6-volume series.


If an Emmy Award were handed out each year for Best Television Reference Book, Larry James Giankos would probably be in the running for his sixth...Television historians will always owe a tremendous debt to him. The Big Reel ...a standard reference source that contains a tremendous amount of information not found elsewhere...absolutely essential for large research institutions with a stong subject collection in television. American Reference Books Annual This is a must for libraries... Communication Booknotes Quarterly An essential reference series...the premier chronicler of video drama, Giamakos has produced a singular research library should be without the set. CHOICE ...extraordinary... Classic Images
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