Al Jolson: A Bio-Discography

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Januar 1984



A comprehensive study of Jolson's career and touring data, providing extensive information on each of the performances. Bibliography.


Larry F. Kiner has been doing research and compiling discographies since the early 1940s, with special emphasis on the personalities of the pre-1950 era and some of the non-jazz orchestras. Among his books are discographies on Harry Lauder and Nelson Eddy (Scarecrow). Philip R. Evans is a renowned researcher, writer, and consultant on the music and musicians of the bygone era. Al Jolson is first in a trio series with Scarecrow Press. Following will be a bio-discography on Frank Trumbauer (co-authored with Larry Kiner) and a bio-discography on Red Nichols (co-authored with Stan & Steve Hester).


...loads of great illustrations. Reference and Research Book News The large-size pages are beautifully set out on a day-by-day chronological basis and form a complete definitive record. Film Review Annual In what is easily the most spectacular 'ography'-monograph ever prepared on a popular entertainer, Kiner and Evans track down every surviving scrap of Jolsonia. They start by painstakingly detailing all recording sessions down to Jolie's take-ruining belches... JazzTimes Magazine It's long overdue... The Mississippi Rag ...a formidable volume for a formidable performer...extraordinarily detailed...Recommended. Classic Images
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