Demystifying Grantseeking: What You Really Need to Get Grants

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September 2001



Demystifying Grantseeking is an inspirational and instructional guide to grantseeking. The authors--successful grantseekers in their own right--show you how to overcome the common fears fundraisers often experience and offer sound, practical advice to successful grantseeking. The book provides you with a systematic and logical way of searching for grants, and helps to identify which foundations to approach so fundraisers don't waste time on dead-end proposals.


Foreword by Judith E. Nichols, Ph.D., CFRE. PROLOGUE: GET INSPIRED AND READY TO GO. 1. Clear Away Myths and Fears. 2. Understand the Grantseeking Cycle. 3. Set Up a Simple Office. STEP ONE: LEARN ABOUT YOUR ORGANIZATION, COMMUNITY, AND FUNDERS. 4. Learn About Your Organization and Programs. 5. Synthesize What You've Learned So Far. 6. Learn About Your Community. 7. Learn About Funders. STEP TWO: MATCH YOUR REQUEST TO A FUNDER. 8. Move From Lead to Prospect to Match. STEP THREE: INVITE A FUNDER TO INVEST IN YOUR ORGANIZATION. 9. Invite a Funder to Give . 10. Guide Relationships, Meetings, and Tours. STEP FOUR: FOLLOW UP WITH YOUR ORGANIZATION AND YOUR FUNDER. 11. Communicate After Mailing a Proposal. 12. Follow Up After a Funding Decision. STEP FIVE: EVALUATE YOUR RESULTS, METHODS, AND OPPORTUNITIES. 13. Evaluate the Past, Strategize the Future. 14. Personalize Your Grantseeking Cycle. 15. Set Your Grantseeking Ground Rules. EPILOGUE: GET INSPIRED ALL OVER AGAIN. 16. Grow From Efficiency to Expertise.


Larissa Golden Brown is a partner in Brown and Brown Consultants which helps nonprofit organizations streamline their grant-seeking process and fund their plans and dreams. Brown also specializes in grants coaching and instruction inspiring people to take on their own fundraising. Her clients have included the Oregon Children's Foundation, The Salvation Army, Community Outreach, Inc., Portland Opera, and Sisters Of The Road Cafe. Martin John Brown is a partner in Brown and Brown Consultants. He is a scientist turned writer whose work has appeared in High Country News, Venue magazine, The Bear Deluxe, and other publications.


"Demystifying Grant Seeking is a very fine combination of Larissa Golden Brown's fundraising successes and Martin John Brown's writing abilities (they probably share those, too)." (Review by Sarah S. Brophy)
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