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Februar 2015



Today TV viewers are exposed to large amounts of information. Digital TV offers a number of channels full with different kinds of programs but the information about them is insufficient. The navigation through the channels can be tiring and often, viewers end up lost, having wasted up to 30 minutes changing channels and not being entertained. This study aims to design the future of Interactive TV. A television that will help the user get something worth watching the moment they turn the TV on and also counteract the user isolation. A design that will work efficiently, and ultimately make the users' experience something splendid.


Lara A. Blanco Santos has been working in Media for over four years. Providing support during the production and post production stages she has engaged in many different projects. She has a Bachelor's degree in Audiovisual Communication and a Master's degree in Interaction Design that has given her a broader knowledge in new Media Technologies.
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