Enhancing the Quality of Life in Advanced Dementia

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Januar 1999



Quality of life issues, important for all, are particularly important for those who have the least control over their environment - individuals with advanced dementia. Often times, these individuals are unable to verbalize their frustrations and may exhibit agitation and other problem behaviors. Where traditional approaches may fail, this book provides new and proven techniques to enhance the lives of those individuals afflicted with advanced dementia. Instead of focusing on decreasing the problem behaviors, Enhancing the Quality of Life in Advanced Dementia focuses on alternative methods of increasing the positive behaviors.


Preface. Part I: General Strategies. Assessment of Quality of Life in Advanced Dementia. Habilitating Therapy: A New Starscape. The Lifestyle Approach. Adapted Work Program: A Sheltered Workshop for Dementia Patients. Prevention of Physical Impairment in Persons with Advanced Alzheimer's Disease. Part II: Specialized Approaches. Bright Eyes: A Structured Sensory Stimulation Intervention. Validation: A Communication Alternative. SimPresenceT: A Personalized Approach to Enhance Well-Being in Persons with Alzheimer's Disease. Music Therapy with Individuals with Advanced Dementia. SNOEZELENr. Light Therapy in Alzheimer's Disease. Environmental Design as an Alzheimer Treatment.
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