The Brandy Trade under the Ancien Regime

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An economic study of the brandy trade, its merchants, and its impact on the French economy under the ancien regime.


Preface; Abbreviations; Glossary; 1. The emergence of brandy spirits; 2. Brandy and the French economy; 3. Brandy: the distilling process, the product and the industry; 4. Brandy production and internal trade in France; 5. Competing markets: Parisian and foreign demand; 6. The merchants of the brandy regions; 7. The Cognac brandy trade: 1720s-60s; 8. External challenge in the 1760s: vicissitudes of old and new houses 1762-78; 9. Brandy business in Bordeaux and Cognac in the 1780s; Sources; Bibliography.


"...a finely crafted monograph on an important topic." Thomas J. Schaeper, American Historical Review "...fascinating study of the brandy trade...The material is enormously rich...this is a thoughtful book about an important topic. This book makes a real contribution to the subject." Thomas Brennan, Journal of Modern History
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