Classical Theory of Fields

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August 1995



The fourth edition contains seven new sections with chapters on General Relativity, Gravitational Waves and Relativistic Cosmology. The text has been thoroughly revised and additional problems inserted.
The Complete course of Theoretical Physics by Landau and Lifshitz, recognized as two of the world's outstanding physicists, is published in full by Butterworth-Heinemann. It comprises nine volumes, covering all branches of the subject; translations from the Russian are by leading scientists.


The principle of relativity; Relativistic mechanics; Electromagnetic fields; Electromagnetic waves; The propagation of light; The field of moving charges; Radiation of electromagnetic waves; Particle in a gravitational field; The gravitational field equation; The field of gravitational bodies; Gravitational waves; Relativistic cosmology; Index.


"The writing is clear and concise. This book is for those who want to do physics, and it teaches one to do physics the way physicists do it.", March 8, 2013 "The clarity of style, the conciseness of treatment and the originality and variety of illustrative problems make this a book which can be highly recommended."--Proceedings of the Physical Society
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