Extreme Running

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September 2007



Running is an inexpensive, convenient and increasingly popular sport, but some take it to the limit. From cold weather running in Alaska to the intense heat of the Sahara Marathon, a number of athletes choose to pit themselves against the elements.


Kym McConnell has competed in extreme events for nearly 20 years. He has run an extreme foot race on every continent, including ultra-distance races in the Himalayas, Amazon, Antarctica, Arctic and the Sahara, and competed in various multi-disciplinary competitions including a 39th place in the World Multisport Championships -- a 243km run/cycle/kayak race. Dave Horsley has always had a love for the outdoors and running, graduating from cross-country to the marathon.


"Don't you just hate those hearty types who jog past your sun lounger as you're ordering your first poolside pina colada at 9am? Extreme Running is not for you, then. The book lists details of challenges such as the Marathon des Sables in Morocco, the Badwater Ultramarathon in California and the Antartic Ice Marathon among others, if you ever change your mind." The Times
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