The Vaccine Controversy: The History, Use, and Safety of Vaccinations

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While millions of Americans receive vaccinations each year, a vocal segment of the population is opposed to all immunizations--some even refusing to get mandated vaccinations for their children. In The Vaccine Controversy, Dr. Kurt Link--a specialist in internal medicine--explores that paradox and provides a history of vaccine development, including such possible future vaccines as those being developed in the hope of immunizing against HIV. A strong supporter of vaccination programs, Link explains the immune system and how it works, as well as outlining the various types of vaccines (including the efficacy and potential toxicity of each). Appendices spell out current medical recommendations for vaccines, describe the legal issues involved in decisions to vaccinate or not, and explain the workings of clinical trials where work is done to determine if a vaccine is effective or not, or has any remarkable side effects.


Introduction; Overview; The Immune System and Surviving Infection; Vaccine History and Types (live, killed, purified); Disasters and Near Misses; The Current Controversy: In Perspective; The Common Vaccines; Smallpox Vaccine; Chicken Pox Vaccine; Diptheria Vaccine; Pertussis (Whooping Cough) Vaccine; Tetanus Vaccine; Measles Vaccine; Mumps Vaccine; Rubella Vaccine; Polio Vaccine; Flu Vaccine; H. Flu (HIB) Vaccine; Pneumococcus Vaccine; Hepatitis B; Special Vaccines; Hepatitis A; BCG: The Hunt for a TB Vaccine; Anthrax Vaccine; Special Vaccines For Travelers, Health Care Workers, Military Personnel; Japanese Encephalitis Vaccine; Rabies Vaccine; Vaccines of the Future; HIV Vaccines; Conclusion; Appendices.


KURT LINK M.D. is Assistant Professor of Medicine at Virginia Commonwealth University. He has been practicing medicine for more than 35 years.


"This concise book consists mainly of short (3- to 10-page) entries on both common and special vaccines, including all current vaccines and some under development. For each entry Link describes the disease agent and symptoms of illness; the history of the disease and vaccine development; and vaccine efficacy, safety, and side effects....It includes brief introductory chapters on the immune system, vaccine development and history, and disasters and near misses involving vaccinations, as well as appendixes on legal aspects of vaccination and clinical trials. Recommended. Undergraduates, professionals/practitioners, and general readers." - Choice
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