Micromagnetism and the Microstructure of Ferromagnetic Solids

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Here is a fundamental introduction to microstructure magnetic property relations where microstructures on atomic, nano- and micrometer scales are considered. The authors demonstrate that outstanding magnetic properties require an optimization of microstructural properties where the microstructures in crystalline materials are point defects and dislocations as well as grain and phase boundaries. In amorphous alloys the type of microstructures on atomic scales are defined and used to describe intrinsic and extrinsic properties.


1. Introduction; 2. Magnetic Gibbs free energy; 3. Basic micromagnetic equilibrium conditions; 4. Domain walls in crystalline and amorphous solids; 5. Interaction of domain walls with defects; 6. Coercivity of modern magnetic materials; 7. Statistical theory of domain wall pinning; 8. Law of approach to ferromagnetic saturation and high-field susceptibility; 9. Microstructure and domain patterns; 10. Magnetic after-effects in amorphous alloys; 11. Magnetorestriction in amorphous and polycrystalline ferromagnets; 12. Micromagnetic theory of phase transitions in spatially disordered spin systems; 13. Computational micromagnetism of thin platelets and small particles; 14. Computational micromagnetism of dynamic magnetization processes; Index.
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