The Future of Humanitarian Mine Action

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This volume takes stock of the present state of Humanitarian Mine Action (HMA), looking at lessons that have been learned with the aim of further strengthening policies and practices in the future. It draws on the most recent findings from scholarly research and field programmes. Among the contributors are academics, decision-makers and practitioners.


Notes on Contributors The Future of Humanitarian Mine Action: Introduction; K.Berg Harpviken The Convention Banning Anti-Personnel Mines: Applying the Lessons of Ottawa's Past in Order to Meet the Challenges of Ottawa's Future; K.Brinkert 'Emailed Applications are Preferred': Ethical Practices in Mine Action and the Idea of Global Civil Society; J.M.Beier Humanitarian Mine Action and Peace Building: Exploring the Relationship; K.Berg Harpviken & B.A.Skåra Balancing Risk: Village De-Mining in Cambodia; R.Bottomley Risky Business or Constructive Assistance? Community Engagement in Humanitarian Mine Action; B.A.Skåra Acting as One? Co-ordinating responses to the Landmine Problem; K.E.Kjellman, K.Berg Harpviken,
A.S.Millard & A.Strand Mine Smartness and the Community Voice in Mine-Risk Education: Lessons from Afghanistan and Angola; N.Andersson, A.Swaminathan, C.Whitaker & M.Roche Measures for Mines: Approaches to Impact Assessment in Humanitarian Mine Action; K.Berg Karpviken, A.S.Millard, K.E.Kjellman &
B.A.Skåra Crisis, Containment and Development: The Role of the Landmine Impact Survey; B.Eaton Making Analytical Tools Operational: Task Impact Assessment; B.Goslin Ideological and Analytical Foundations of Mine Action: Human Rights and Community Impact;


KERRY BRINKERT Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining, Switzerland
J MARSHALL BEIER Assistant Professor of Political Science, McMaster University, Ontario, Canada
BERNT A SKÅRA International Peace Research Institute, Oslo, Norway
RUTH BOTTOMLEY Anthropologist, Cambodia
KJELL ERLING KJELLMAN University of Oslo, Norway
ANANDA S MILLARD Geneva International Centre for Humanitarian Demining, Switzerland
ARNE STRAND Christian Michelsen Institute, Bergen, Norway
NEIL ANDERSSON Founding Executive Director, CIET group of NGOs, institutes and foundations, Norway
APARNA SWAMINATHAN Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland
CHARLIE WHITAKER CIET International, worldwide
MELISSA ROCHE University of North Carolina, USA
BOB EATON Executive Director, Survey Action Center, USA
BELINDA GOSLIN Mine Action Unit, Cranfield University, UK
CHRISTOPHER HORWOOD UN Assistance Mission for Afghanistan, Afghanistan
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