Demographic Analysis: A Stochastic Approach

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Dezember 1990



This book introduces population students to random fluctuation in population dynamics. Emphasizing the foundations of demographic analysis, it also covers the computational aspects. The methods discussed are applicable to the study of the structure and dynamics of any population--not just human. At the end of each chapter, Demographic Analysis includes problems and bibliographic notes stressing important points.


Introduction. Rates in Demographic Analysis. Life Tables. Multiple Decrement Tables. Markov Processes. Models in Demography. An Approach to Compositional Analysis. Spatial Distribution. Heterogeneity. Problems. Index.


"The book has a good feel to it. It is a well-written exposition of the essentials of a broad array of methods of demographic analysis from a modern point of view. Professor Namboodiri is a recognized master expositor of demographic and statistical methods. This and his years of experience in the teaching and application of demographic models and methods are evident in the quality of the manuscript... The book could serve as a useful core text of a graduate level course in intermediate or advanced demographic methods. It provides an excellent treatment of the basics of the various topics it covers--many of which have large specialized literatures form which an instructor could draw selected additional materials." --KENNETH C. LAND, Duke University, Durham, North Carolina
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