Calculations @ The Speed Of Light

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Juni 2011



As a person learns and practices the math techniques discussed in this book, he/she becomes very good at basic math. His/her mental abilities are exercised through practice. Powerful visualization skills are developed since much of the steps involved in mental calculations are seen in the mind. The person's ability to concentrate as a whole becomes very strong. His/her overall capabilities in all OTHER areas improve. He/she becomes confident which is a very key factor in becoming successful in life. You'll even begin to enjoy math if you don't already. No money can buy that! You get to practice hundreds of thousands of math problemswith no limit whatsoever. Practice makes perfect! After seeing how neat this system is, you may begin to develop the ability to simplify. You will learn techniques for solving many problems like basic and advanced multiplications, tables, squares and roots, cubes and roots, Calendar and more.


Kranthi Tumma's interest in numbers originated during his childhood and he noticed his potential when he was in class six. Since the tender age of 11, he has stunned even the renowned mathematics experts, with his outstanding and immaculate mathematical skills, thus earning him a title of a 'mathematical prodigy'.
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