Epistemology: Internalism and Externalism

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This anthology brings together ten papers which have defined and advanced the debate between internalism and externalism in epistemology.


Acknowledgements. Internalism and Externalism: A Brief Historical Introduction: Hilary Kornblith. 1. Externalist Theories of Empirical Knowledge: Laurence BonJour. 2. The Internalist Conception of Justification: Alvin Goldman. 3. Internalism and Externalism in Epistemology: William P. Alston. 4. How Internal Can You Get?: Hilary Kornblith. 5. Understanding Human Knowledge in General: Barry Stroud. 6. Reliabilism and Intellectual Virtue: Ernest Sosa. 7. What Am I to Believe?: Richard Foley. 8. Epistemic Perspectivism: Frederick Schmitt. 9. Internalism Exposed: Alvin Goldman. 10. Internalism Defended: Earl Conee and Richard Feldman. Further Reading. Index.


Hilary Kornblith is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Vermont. He is the author of Inductive Inference and Its Natural Ground (1993) and editor of Naturalizing Epistemology (second edition, 1994).


"The essays in this excellent collection provide the basis for an understanding of the current debate between externalist and internalist accounts of justification. A must-have for anyone wishing to come to grips with the central issues in epistemology." Peter Klein, Rutgers University
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