The Transformational-Generative Paradigm and Modern Linguistic Theory

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This volume reflects the fact that the possibilities in theory construction allow for a much wider spectrum than students of linguistics have perhaps been led to believe. It consists of articles by scholars of differing generations and widely varying academic persuasions: some have received their initiation to the trade within the framework of transformational-generative grammar, some in one or the other structuralist mould, yet others in the philology and linguistics of particular languages and language families. They all share, however, some doubts concerning characteristic attitudes and procedures of present-day 'mainstream linguistics'. All want, not a uniformity of ideological stance, but a union of individualists working towards the advancement of theory and empirical accountability.


1. Preface, pv; 2. I. Syntax and semantics; 3. Meaning and form: Some fallacies of asemantic grammar (by Bolinger, Dwight), p3; 4. Stratificational solutions to unbridgeable gaps in transformational-generative grammar (by Makkai, Adam), p37; 5. Non-uniqueness in the treatment of the separability of semantics and syntax in compound expressions (by Peng, Fred C.C.), p87; 6. II. Phonology and morphology; 7. How generative is phonology? (On listing phonological surface forms in the lexicon) (by Hsieh, Hsin-I), p109; 8. Rule application in the pre-generative American phonology (by Kenstowicz, Michael), p145; 9. Prolegomena to "Prolegomena to a theory of word-formation": A reply to Morris Halle (by Lipka, Leonhard), p175; 10. On the nature of morphophonemic alternation (by Skousen, Royal), p185; 11. The psychological validity of Chomsky and Halle's vowel shift rule (by Steinberg, Danny D.), p233; 12. III. Linguistic theory and the philosophy of language; 13. Generalization, abduction, evolution, and laguage (by Anttila, Raimo), p263; 14. What is a generative grammar (by Derwing, Bruce L.), p297; 15. On the inadequacy of the tree as a formal concept in linguistic analyses (by Maxwell, Edward R.), p315; 16. Language acquisition and common sense (by Raffler-Engel, Walburga von), p321; 17. On the nature of language and mind (by Slagle, Uhlan V.), p329; 18. IV. Epistemology and history linguistics; 19. Epistemological dilemmas and the transformational-generative paradigm (by Campbell, Lyle), p351; 20. Pre-war Prague School and post-war American anthropological linguistics (by Hymes, Dell H.), p359; 21. Transformational grammar and the philosophy of science (by Itkonen, Esa), p381; 22. Bibliographical, p447; 23. Index of names, p457
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