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This exciting book concentrates on the role of the human diet in preventative medicine. Medical conditions that can be influenced by the diet are covered, including cardiovascular disease, obesity, osteoporosis, cancer and diabetes. Other chapters concentrate on topics of current interest including plant-based diets, allergies, GMOs, and probiotics. Many of the internationally known authors are at the tops of their fields and this book will provide a valuable reference source for all those involved in nutrition, medicine and health


Preface. Contributors. Introduction: Prevention, a government priority (Imogen Sharp) 1. Diet for the prevention of heart disease: how far are we (Eric Brunner) 2. Should we eat foods o bits of foods? - relevance to cardiovascular disease (Susan Southon) 3. A brief review of the impact of dietary polyphenols on cardiovascular disease (Gary Williamson) 4. Significance of cholesterol absorption: inhibitory role of plant sterols and stanols (Gilber R. Thompson) 5. Soya and the FDA health claim: prevention of cardiovascular diseases (Jaak Ph. Janssens) 6. Nutritional determinants of plasma homocysteine: implications for risk of cardiovascular disease (Anne M. Molly) 7. Dietary strategies to prevent and treat obesity (Susan A. Jebb) 8. Physical activity, exercise and weight control: movement for management (Kenneth R. Fox) 9. Cognitive-behavioural interventions for obesity (Carolyn Edwards) 10. Aspects of fetal origins of disease (Alan A. Jackson) 11. Plant based diets: findings from the Oxford vegetarian study and other prospective studies of vegetarians (Timothy J. Key. Paul N. Appleby, Naomi E. Allen Gwyneth K. Davey, Margaret Thorogood and Jim I. Mann) 12. Review of diet and cancer: what is the evidence (Michael Hill) 13. Micronutrients, phytoprotectants and mechanisms of anticancer activity (Ian T. Johnson) 14. Dietary intervention studies sand cancer prevention (Pieter van't Veer) 15. Diabetes: Familial, genetic or lifestyle (Anne Dornhorst) 16. Dietary control of diabetes (Gary Frost) 17. Management of the human gut flora for improved health (Glenn R. Gibson) 18. Diet and osteoporosis: where are we now (Susan A. New) 19. Behaviour change counseling (Stephen Rollnick and Hayley Prout) 20. Health Claims - can they offer hope for consumers as well as 'hype' for industry (Margaret Ashwell) 21. The role of the media (Geoff Watts) 22. Primary health care professionals - working together in the community (Judy Buttriss) Closing speech to conference (Suzi Leather) Appendices: Workshops. LC-PUFAs: their role in maternal and infant nutrition (Stewart Forsyth) Soya in women's health (Paola Albertazzi) Index.
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