Enlightenment and Religion: Rational Dissent in Eighteenth-Century Britain

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This book makes a comprehensive reassessment of the relationship between Enlightenment and religion in England. These interdisciplinary essays provcide a fresh analysis of Rational Dissent within English Enlightenment culture.


List of contributors; Acknowledgements; 1. Enlightened Dissent: an introduction Knud Haakonssen; 2. The emergence of Rational Dissent R. K. Webb; 3. Rational Dissent in early eighteenth-century Ireland M. A. Stewart; 4. The Enlightenment, politics and providence: some Scottish and English comparisons Martin Fitzpatrick; 5. The contribution of the Dissenting academy to the emergence of Rational Dissent David L. Wykes; 6. 'A set of men powerful enough in many things': Rational Dissent and political opposition in England, 1770-1790 John Seed; 7. Law, lawyers and Rational Dissent Wilfrid Prest; 8. The nexus between theology and political doctrine in Church and Dissent A. M. C. Waterman; 9. Anglican latitudarianism, Rational Dissent and political radicalism in the late eighteenth century John Gascoigne; 10. The State as highwayman: from candour to rights Alan Saunders; 11. Priestley on politics, progress and moral theology Alan Tapper; 12. Rational piety R. K. Webb; 13. New Jerusalems: prophecy, Dissent and radical culture in England, 1786-1830 Iain McCalman; Index of names.


"A solid, scholarly collection, recommended for graduate and specialist libraries." D.G. Paz, Religious Studies Review "...the essays in this volume represent important revisions and penetrating new insights, and should be studied carefully by any and all who would understand religion and politics in late eighteenth-century Britain." Jeff Chamberlain, Anglican Theological Review "This volume attests to the continuing vitality and fruitfulness of this line of historical inquiry, making an important contribution to the debate over the politics and culture of those Britons refusing to conform to the established church. ...Enlightenment and Religion powerfully enriches our understanding of its subject. Anyone interested in the variables of British religious experience or in eighteenth-century political culture will profit handsomely from reading this book." Philip Hicks, Journal of Modern History
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