Convergence, Divergence and Changing Trade Patterns

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September 1995



This book constitutes a theoretical inquiry into the reasons for convergence, divergence and, in a trade theoretic perspective, for a reversal of trade patterns. It describes various mechanisms determining factor rewards and the change of trade patterns of growing economies. Special attention is paid to the effects of internationally differing preferences, unequal factor accumulation, technological change and government intervention. The chapters of this book are in the tradition of the "new" growth and trade theory and elaborate novel results, especially with respect to factor rewards, convergence and trade patterns. It also contains appendices to the individual chapters deriving the results in the main text in a very explicit and informative way.


1. Introduction.-
2. On an additional condition for factor-price equalization in intertemporal Heckscher-Ohlin models.-
3. Unequal factor prices and incomplete specialization in a Heckscher-Ohlin model of endogenous growth.-
4. Transitional dynamics, convergence and international capital flows in two-country models of innovation and growth.-
5. Impatience, factor endowment and trade patterns in a small open economy of endogenous growth.-
6. Trade pattern reversal: The role of technological change, factor accumulation and government intervention.- References.
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