Germany Since World War II

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This book provides a comprehensive analysis of the most important domestic and external aspects of contemporary Germany. Drawing on recent research and newly available evidence of the post-Cold War era, Klaus Larres provides an accessible, integrated account of the two Germanies from 1949 through to unification and beyond.


Preface; Introduction: The End of Hitler, the Victory of the Allied Powers, and the Establishment of two German States (1945-49); I. MAJOR THEMES IN GERMAN POST-WAR HISTORY; 1. Western and Eastern Integration; 2. Economic Miracle; 3. Federalism and Party Politics; 4. The Role of the Chancellor in the Federal Republic; 5. European Integration and Transatlantic Relations; 6. Ostpolitik and Intra-German Relations; 7. Unification and the Role of the GDR in German history since 1945; 8. The Shape of the Berlin Republic and Germany's post-Cold War Role; II. GERMANY DURING THE COLD WAR PERIOD; 9. Re-integration: West Germany under Konrad Adenauer, 1949-1955; 10. Interdependence and Cold War Complexities: The Slow End of the Adenauer Era, 1955-1963; 11. The Search for Recognition: Walter Ulbricht's GDR, 1949-1963; 12. Ever increasing Difficulties: The End of the Economic Miracle and the Emancipation of the West Germans under Ludwig Erhard, 1963-66; 13. New Departures: West Germany's Grand Coalition, 1966-69; 14. Stability and Economic Recovery: Ulbricht's GDR, 1963-1971; III. THE ERA OF DETENTE AND CO-OPERATION; 15. New Self-Confidence: Willy Brandt and the Era of Ostpolitik, 1969-1974; 16. Crisis Management: The Reign of Helmut Schmidt, 1974-82; 17. Respectability and Economic Downturn: Honecker's GDR, 1971-1989; 18. Economic Difficulties and New Patriotism: Helmut Kohl's First Years in Office, 1982-89; IV. GERMANY AND THE POST-COLD WAR WORLD; 19. German Unification, 1989/90; 20. After Unification: Helmut Kohl's Germany, 1991-98; 21. From Bonn to Berlin: the Schroder Government; Bibliography; Index


Klaus Larres is lecturer in Politics at Queen's University, Belfast. His publications include Germany Since Unification (Palgrave, 2000) and The Cold War (Blackwell, 2001).
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