Effects of Solution-Focused Training on Leadership Behaviour and Productivity

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Juli 2007



Recently the transfer of the 'solution-focused approach' developed by Steve de Shazer and Insoo Kim Berg into the field of management can be seen in many applications in HR-Management, leadership, team-management, marketing and sales and so on. But there are only few studies which investigate the effect of solution-focused work in organizations and up to now there has been no research concerning the effects on productivity in organizations. This evaluation study examines the effects of a solution-focused training and coaching programme on leadership behaviour and productivity which was carried out at a Norwegian production plant in the fast-moving consumer goods industry. The goal of the present study was in the first step to establish a theoretic base in order to accompany a solution-focused leadership training and coaching programme, which was meant to deliver first results in some areas within a short time. Continuative the objective was to evaluate how far this type of leadership training is able to actually bring about changes in behaviour and productivity with the purpose of meeting the growing challenges presented by the management development training as well as the demands on the effectiveness of training measures.


Klaus Hoffmann is as Chief financial officer currently in charge of the Finance, Controlling and Organization department at the WirtschaftsBlatt, Austrians leading daily finance newspaper, based in Vienna. He has professional expertise in controlling, training, consultancy and organizational development and worked many years in the training industry. / Peter Luisser started to work in the field of tourism. He gained experience in the area of finance then focussing his career on human resources management he has several assignments in management positions within different industries. Peter held a degree in finance, accounting and taxes as well as in human resources management and organizational development
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