Hungarian Business Law: Second Revised Edition

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Oktober 1998



Hungary has emerged as a country resolved to take a place in the world's markets and economic community at the end of the 20th century. This text should give businesses considering Hungary, and those already operating there, a summary of the commercial legal system governing business activities.


Company law, E. Fried-Kallos, I. Banhegyi; taxation, G. Hock; secured transactions, K. Oppenheim; competition law, A. Mattyus; labour law, L. Lehmann; technology transfer and protection of industrial rights, L. Lehmann; litigation and arbitration, L. Lehmann; enforcement, A. Mester; bankruptcy, liquidation and winding-up proceedings, A. Mester; securities, K. Oppenheim; concession law, U. Rein; gas supply, U. Rein; electricity, U. Rein; mining law, U. Rein; real property, E. Fried-Kallo; environmental considerations for investors, K. Oppenheim; work permit visas and residence permit requirements, J. Nador.


'"The book gives a very good introductory overview of the current status of Hungarian law in various areas. It is certainly one of the best English language resources currently available to foreign or Hungarian legal advisers who intend to give preliminary advice to foreign investors. The second edition is almost completely different from the first one and the few sections that are not completely new have been rewritten almost in their entirety.'
Marie-Josee Heisler, "International Business Lawyer, July/August 2000.
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